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X3 Elite is a fully functional digital notebook to help track your X3 90 minute workouts. Own it! Track it! Print it! Embrace Technology! Stay Mobile!
Includes:✓ various 90 X minute schedules! *includes a separate complex schedule for bonus workouts.
X3 Elite was designed with a simple, easy to use, interface which will let you Focus on your workout! A bright exciting look - No dark depressing black background in this app!
X3 Elite features include (but not limited to)✓ What's my next workout?... X3 Elite will remind you. Option to set reminder.✓ Your Day - a dashboard to access all tracking tools (workouts, weight, water consumption - Yes there is a water tracker!).✓ Track your workout dates not calendar days (Life happens! Bend your schedule don't break it!)✓ Are you following the modifiers? Track it! Intensity Level Normal, Modified, Mixed Some days you have to modify to stay in the game. You are still moving forward :)✓ Add a note, a Focus Point (yeah that's my phrase) to each workout. Rough day? Bad recoup?✓ Rate the difficulty level of workout. This does change even for the same workout - explain in your notes.✓ Track the time you performed the workout. Ability to split double workouts days into AM/PM.✓ View or export Fitness Reports for measurements and fit tests.
**Export workout data to worksheets (Lower, Total Body, etc). Generated worksheets are formatted for one page each.
Track your progress with Focus Points*:✓ Add photos to every measurement day!✓ Record your measurements: Weight (Chest, Arm, Waist, Hips, Thigh)✓ Total Measurements: Automatically calculates/tracks measurements to show overall change. *All measurements should be whole numbers or numeric decimal only - no commas. 25.00 not 25,00 - having trouble filtering some European keyboards.✓ Share your progress!!! email/txt, etc., Be proud of your work!
*Focus Points is one of our inside app apps :) - a mini app if you will.
Weight Tracker included!✓ yes, another mini apps :)✓ a digital weight diary.✓ add your weight any time you want.✓ include a quick diary note with each measurement.✓ generate and export your weight report
In technology, like fitness, size matters! More of what matters and less of what doesn't. Functional fitness. With a strong database backbone and light, sleek, and sexy build, it is no doubt X3 Elite was made for fitness! Feel free to compare and contrast.
Permission: Write access to external storage is needed to create a "X3Elite" folder and export your Fitness Reports and other data reports to this folder. Vibration access is for reminder notification option.
Languages:- English
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